Team Thing 1 and Thing 2

About Us: A little bit about our shared interest in paper crafting...

All of us have experience in submitting creations to challenges as well as serving on Design Teams. We hope you find us fun, inspiring, and a learning experience.

We know there are plenty of crafters who don't join in challenges so if that's you we're hoping we can encourage you to participate. Once you start, you'll be hooked! This is our way of sharing how easily it can be accomplished, regardless of your skill level. You may decide to start out with only the Thing 1 challenge. Later on, perhaps you'll add Thing 2 as well. Thing 3 will be an optional twist.  Combining elements from other challenges will build your confidence as you share your art with others.

There are always new stamps, inks, dies, and papers on the market and we want you to use whatever you wish. Retired products are okay too. Shop your stash! Recycle and repurpose! Experiment with techniques!

If you wish to participate but are unsure how to do so, we may be able to provide assistance in setting up Pinterest or a Blog where you can post your entries and link to our Challenges. This would include support for questions you may have. This can be accomplished through messaging, telephone, or e-mail.

Here is the premise of our challenge:

Thing 1 is Double Trouble's primary challenge and the only requirement. This is where you'll meet Trouble Maker.

Thing 2 is where Double Dare provides you with the opportunity to link to an additional challenge. This is always optional but we'd like to see you link up with our challenge partner whenever possible.

Thing 3 is where you can stretch your creativity and imagination with Twisted Sister's option! There may be times when this will assist you in qualifying for Double Dare's link-up with our partner.   

Hi, I'm Thing 1. Just call me Trouble Maker. I am the Double Trouble Challenge Administrator.  Our purpose is to bring in those of you who have been reluctant to play along with challenges. Perhaps you're a beginner and unsure what to do. Maybe you've been thinking about challenges but have not yet taken the plunge. Whether or not you have experience, hone your skills by joining in our dual challenges. We welcome all and strive to keep this challenge fun and doable by crafters of all levels. 

Hi, I'm Thing 3, just call me Twisted Sister. I came along a little later to give Thing 1 an extra design element for your projects. There may be times when my twist will assist you in qualifying for Double Dare's link-up with our partner.  Always an option, this will add interest and fun to your project.


Hi, I'm Thing 2, just call me Double Dare. I am the Double Trouble Challenge Finder. I seek out and find challenges that would be a good fit for partnership so that you can create one project for both challenges. We will always try to combine challenges that follow similar requirements, however, some may have limitations to consider. Details will be available in the description of that challenge. Our challenges will include a direct link to the other challenge. Please contact me if you know of a challenge that could possibly work as one of our challenge partners.

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