Monday, July 30, 2018

Challenge 6 - Some Thing, Any Thing and Every Thing

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Before we get into the challenge, Trouble Maker wants to share a little story
"The day the real Trouble Maker came for a visit
accompanied by Twisted Sister and Double Dare"


My husband was on his way to visit his two Grand-Doggies when he stumbled over three dogs outside our front door, panting with heat exhaustion.  We filled a couple of buckets with water and as he was opening the front door to put water out for by one they entered our air-conditioned home...apparently needing more than Arizona fresh lukewarm tap water.  

Luckily they all had collars, so my search began.  On one of the tags there was a smiley face and the words "Trouble Maker".  He was the smallest and most needy so I pampered him a little more than the others.  Needy - or was it because we shared the same name?  What do you think?  Include a comment about my story when you post your project and you will get an additional chance at our random draw. 

End of Story:  The Doggies had escaped through an open door of the owner and I'm told they love our community golf course as a playground.  So they must have been going back home, played too hard and too long in the heat, and decided to stop at our front door in hopes of cooling down in our home.  The owner picked them up after she got out of work and Trouble Maker (owner says he's the leader of the pack) will now know where to stop if this should ever happen again.  

WELCOME to Challenge #6 - Let Our Troubles Begin!

The time has come,
The time is now,
To join our "trouble",
We'll show you how.

Once in a while there are five Mondays in a month. This throws a monkey wrench in our idea to post two challenges a month so we've decided to post a special

THING 1 Trouble Maker
would like you to have a little fun this week. "Some Thing", "Any Thing" and "Every Thing" are all welcome in this challenge. 

THING 3 Twisted Sister 
challenges you to decorate the inside of your card. Don't leave that sentiment in there all alone. Add something special to keep it company!  Remember - this is an OPTIONAL TWIST but it's so easy that we hope everyone will join in.  If you do the twist, Double Trouble will give you an extra chance in our random draw.  

THING 2 Double Dare has more than doubled the fun. Link up your project with any of our previous partners for an additional chance for the Double Trouble random draw

Your project for Double Trouble could meet the requirements of the challenges below providing you meet their requirements.  So make sure you read their instructions carefully and dates that they are open .... we don't want you to get in Trouble with them.  Please include in the comment section below or in your Blog what other challenges you had partnered with.

For inspiration... here are our things

Shared with ColorMyHeart Color Dare
Heart2Heart "Fresh Air Fun"

Pop Up Window Card also shared with Heart To Heart 

CAS with Embossing
Linked to The Three Amigos #16

Challenge (1) Week Only - Closes on Sunday, August 5, EST 7 pm MST 10 pm                                                                                                              


KT Fit Kitty said...

Thank you for a new challenge! It will be fun to decorate the inside of my cards as I rarely do it but am always pleased when I do! It makes a card more special, I think! Cute story about the lost dogs - I think it was the name thing that brought them there! Glad someone was home to give them a drink and a little AC! Too cute!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Forgot to say... I love your cards! I'm still here checking them out for inspiration!

jeanchaneyaz said...

Those dogs were certainly lucky to have picked the right house. I know if I get lost and thirsty, I'm headed to your home!
Wonderful inspiration too!

Granmargaret said...

Thank you for the challenge. Lovely work by the design team.
I am glad you were able to find the owner of the dogs.

Debi said...

Good for you, giving those poor pups a drink. I think it's funny that they walked right in your house!

Great DT cards, as always.

Loose Stitches said...

Wonderful DT inspiration! Thank you for the challenge. So adorable about the three visitors you had outside your front door. They felt comfortable enough to come in and get some rest in the cooler air. :) I bet you're right, they know to stop by the next time, lol.
Crafty Hugs, Sherry xx
Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads

Granmargaret said...

Thank you Sue for your comment on my blog for my card No 33. The background is a paper from the Whoopsi Daisy collection 4, available to buy direct from Linnie Pink on the Whoopsi DAisy facebook group.